Thursday, 26 September 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.57, No.34, 26th Aug-01st Sep 2019

ØQuality ladder to excellence in Higher Education  
ØImplementing technology enabled learning in Indian Universities
ØTheory and Practice of Integral Education
ØDesign and consuct of course work in Ph.D Programme

Economic and Political weekly
Vol.LIV, No.33,  Aug 17th 2019
ØIn deep waters
ØCrisis in Automobile Industry
ØProblems in thinking about politics
ØSuccess of the Congress in Punjab
ØParliamentary elections in Telengana
ØNDA`s big victory in Bihar
ØBJP`s aggressive campaign in Jharkhand
ØRoad map for structural reforms
ØBetting on Animal spirits: Budget 2019 in a Neoliberal Bind
ØMuch ado about nothing: Financial sector
ØPutting the cart before the horse: Agri food
ØVision for industrial growth
ØGrowth, employment and labour through a budget lens
ØSocial sector in the 2019 Union budget
ØMacroeconomics of the black economy
ØPoverty matter: Covering deprivation in India
ØCan India raise its GDP per capita to $55000 by 2030 ?
ØCensus town in Uttar Pradesh
ØWhat is paramount for policies

Economic and Political weekly
Vol.LIV, No.32,  Aug 10th 2019

ØThe value of federalism
ØDesigning indivisuals a terrorists
ØThe idea of second thought and article 370
ØA blinked view of Humanities education?
ØA rate cut that failed to please
ØMumbais`s Dilapidated buildings
ØThe 2019 Loksabha Verdict
ØGoa 2019: Sway of regional factors
ØVoters preference for YSRCP
ØBJP`s  sweing electoral victory in Haryana and more
ØLabour law reforms in India
ØSedition in Liberal Democracies
ØFood supply in cash or kind ?
ØIn quest of inclusive growth
ØSeva in the Neo-liberal development regime
ØFrom mobile access to use
ØTax efforts of panchayats in India
ØReading electoral outcomes through the optic of caste
ØResolving data asymmetry

Vol.63, September, 2019

ØAddressing rural poverty: A livlihood development and diversification
ØEnergy- A key driver of socio-economic growth
ØDeveloping knowledge based society
ØReforming governance

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

India Quarterly
Vol.75, No. 2, 2019

Ø  China`s India policy: The importance of bilateralism- An appraisal
Ø  China`s South Asia Policy in the `New Era`
Ø  Mao, Nehru and the Sino-Indian border disputes: A poliheuristic analysis
Ø  How status-seeking states can cooperate: Explaining India-China rapprochement after the Doklam standoff.
Ø  USA, China ad Global leadership: Analysis in the perspective of conceptualisation
Ø  China`s policy on science and technology: Implications for the next industrial transition
Ø  Stability in the Xi era: Trends in the ethnic policy in Xinjiang and Tibet since 2012
Ø  Chinese nationalism under Xi Jinping revisited
Ø  CPEC, Afghanistan and India`s concerns
Ø  India and China relations: Putting the record straight

Economic and Political weekly
Vol.LIV, No. 31, 2019

Ø  Declining Fertility and Demographic Dividend
Ø  The Crumbling Mortar of BRICS
Ø  Small Voices of Democracy
Ø  BJP’s Southern Comfort - Success in Karnataka
Ø  Moving towards Single-party Dominance in Rajasthan
Ø  Failure of the Mahagathbandhan
Ø  Verdict 2019 - Reinforcing Dravidian Identity Politics in Tamil Nadu
Ø  Interweaving Violence and Non-violence
Ø  Gandhi in the Company of Western Philosophers
Ø  HRIDAY in Amravathi - Community-led, Heritage-linked Development
Ø  Determinants of Wage Differences between the Inmigrant and Local Labourers in the Construction Sector of Kerala
Ø  Has the National Health Mission Improved Utilisation of Maternal Healthcare Services in Bihar?
Ø  Redesigning the Fiscal Transfer System in India
Ø  Reading and Misreading Marx - A Review of a Review

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.7, No. 3, August 21, 2019

Ø  Amit Kumar Roy v. Union of India
Ø  Arun Kumar Manglik v. Chirayu Health and medicine (P) Ltd.
Ø  Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd v. Ajit Nain
Ø  Christopher Raj v. K.Vijaykumar
Ø  Manohar M. Galini v. State of Gujarat
Ø  S.B Kishore v. Union of India

South Asis Research
Vol.39, No.2  , July, 2019

Ø  Labour Migration Within India: Motivations and Social Networks
Ø  Old Age Pension Scheme in India: Distributional Impacts
Ø  Old Age Pension Scheme in India: Distributional Impacts
Ø  Climate-Induced Migration: Impacts on Social Structures and Justice in Bangladesh
Ø  Participatory Democracy or State-Induced Violence? Resettling the Displaced People of Hatirjheel in Dhaka
Ø  Postcolonial Land Governance in Pakistan: Exclusionary Practices on State-Owned Farms
Book Reviews:
o   Asad Durrani, Pakistan Adrift: Navigating Troubled Waters
o   Indrani Sen, Gendered Transactions: The White Woman in Colonial India
o   Ania Loomba, Revolutionary Desires: Women, Communism, and Feminism in India
o   Deepak Kumar, The Trishanku Nation. Memory, Self, and Society in Contemporary India
o   Deepa  Idnani (Ed.) Right to Education and Schooling
o   Manifestations of History. Time, Space, and Community in the Andaman Islands

The Economist
Vol.432, No.9157 , August 24th , 2019

Ø  Shareholder capitalism: What companies are for
Ø  Coal and climate change Betting on black
Ø  Italian politics Time to govern, not campaign
Ø  Business in China Cathay’s mayday
Ø  Germany’s economy Take aim
Ø  Letters to the editor On the Amazon, Black Rock, Toni Morrison, e-scooters, HR, dry cleaning
Ø  Corporate purpose I’m from a company, and I’m here to help
Ø  Immigration policy Headless chickens
Ø  Party politics Rural change
Ø  Evictions examined
Ø  Abortion war
Ø  Paraguay and power A dam mess
Ø  The burning Amazon
Ø  Bello The limits of technocracy
Ø  Racism in Indonesia
Ø  Astronomy Matters of great gravity

The Economist
Vol.432, No.9156 , August 17th , 2019

Ø  Markets in an Age of Anxiety
Ø  Nuclear doctrine: Finger on the button
Ø  Civil liberties Speak up
Ø  Rising seas A world without beaches
Ø  Zimbabwe Land of hope and worry
Ø  Letters to the editor On the teaching of history
Ø  The rising seas
Ø  Nuclear weapons
Ø  Trading water
Ø  Lexington Bernie’s permanent revolution
Ø  Turmoil in Hong Kong
Ø  Chaguan The “black hands” conspiracy

Friday, 23 August 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Journal of Dispute Resolution
Spring, No. 2, 2019

Ø Mind the Gap: Bringing Technology to the Mediation Table
Ø Blockchain and the Inevitability of Disputes: The Role for Online Dispute Resolution
Ø Designing and Implementing a State Court ODR System: From Disappointment to Celebration
Ø Online Dispute Resolution for Smart Contracts
Ø e-Nudging Justice: The Role of Digital Choice Architecture in Online Courts
Ø “I Like You When You are Silent”: The Future of NDAs and Mandatory Arbitration
Ø Mandatory Arbitration Clauses for Shareholders: An Efficient Solution or an Unconscionable Change?
Ø Why Mediation & “Sorry” Make Sense: Apology Statutes as a Catalyst for Change in Medical Malpractice

                                           Economic and political weekly
Vol.LIV No. 30, 2019

Ø Amended RTI vs Participatory Democracy
Ø Mirage of Zero Budget Farming
Ø Ideal Specimen of Democracy
Ø Fourth Industrial Revolution - Decay of Liberalism and Withering Away of the Left
Ø The True Dangers of the RTI (Amendment) Bill
Ø The Tiger’s Last Stand - Challenges for Protected Area Management in Sariska
Ø Draft Emigration Bill, 2019 - The Missing Links
Ø New Light on Deprivation of Muslims in India
Ø Hate, Love and Secularism
Ø Unmoved by Stability - Capital Formation in the Modi Economy
Ø An Academic’s Response - Draft National Education Policy, 2019
Ø Elementary Education in 19th-century Bengal - Education Policy of the British
Ø The Tightening Ideational Regimentation of China’s Higher Education System
Ø Designing a Framework for Benefit Packages - Achieving Universal Health Coverage in India

    Economic and political weekly
Vol.LIV No. 29, 2019

Ø Mockery of a Wage Floor
Ø The Logic of Defection
Ø Exasperating Justice
Ø Harvest of Uteruses
Ø A New Note to the Polyphony
Ø The World of Work - Labour Market Reforms and Legislation in India
Ø Why India Needs a Crime Victimisation Survey
Ø Debating the ‘After’ of Subaltern Studies
Ø Has Disability Risen among the Elderly in India?
Ø Braverman’s Legacy - Degraded Labour, Automation and Information Technology in the Era of Globalisation
Ø Innovations in Public Administration in India
Ø The Bru–Mizo Conflict - A Rejoinder
Ø Africa in Half of a Yellow Sun - Moving Beyond Western Perspectives
Ø In Times of Drought - Adaptation Decision-making in Sala Budha
Ø Herbicide-tolerant GM Crops

   Economic and political weekly
Vol.LIV No. 28, 2019

Ø Nudge to Fudge
Ø A Preventable Loss
Ø Ideas and Ideal in a Budget
Ø A New Development Model for the New Economy
Ø Agro-biodiversity as a Resource
Ø Aesthetics of a Text
Ø Wave Theory - Kuki Perspective on Migration
Ø Amalgamation of Existing Laws or Labour Reform?
Ø How Much Public Debt Is Too Little?
Ø Corporate Governance in Banks in India
Ø Gold Jewellery Making and Migrant Labour Force in Kerala
Ø No Breather for Food Subsidy Bill

Vol.LIV No. 31, 2019

Ø Nitish on the Horns of a Dilemma
Ø Tabrez Ansari, ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and Hate Killings
Ø Budget: A Catalyst for Social and Economic Transformation
Ø Whither Unreasoned Traditions?
Ø Epaar Bangla, Opaar Bangla
Ø The Rise and Rise of Bangladesh

Vol.LIV No. 30, 2019

Ø Overall Scenario turns from Bad to Worse
Ø Union Budget 2019-20: Belying Expectations of Boosting Growth
Ø Do We Need a Bill Criminalising Instant Triple Talaaq?
Ø Assam NRC — a Humanitarian Crisis Looming Large - CSSS Fact-Finding Team’s Report
Ø Open Letter to the Election Commission of India
Ø Shameem Faizee is No More

Vol.LIV No. 30, 2019

Ø MIG: At the Centre of the Narrative of Elections
Ø Mamata’s Worry is not BJP, but her Own Party
Ø Lynching is the Game-changer in New India
Ø The Economic Growth - Climate Change Conundrum
Ø Essence of Rahul’s Ideological Assertion