Thursday, 6 September 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News: A weekly Journal of Higher Education
Vol.56  No.34  August 20-26, 2018
*The Social Dimension of education system reform
*Human Values in literature
*Ranking and Ratings in Indian Higher education
*Human Library: A new approach to teaching learning
*University Education: A tool to forge the path Ahead

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.7  No.3  August 28, 2018
* Amrit Paul Singh v. Tata AIG General Insurance co. ltd
*Bilquis v. State of Maharashtra
*Chintalpati Srinivasa Raju vs. SEBI
*CIT v. Subros educational society
*KeralaSRTC v. Baby P.P
*Kiran Pal Singh v. State of Uttar Pradesh
*Lovleen Kumar v. State of Haryana
*Meenakshi Saxena v. ECGC Ltd
*Pramod Laxman Gudadhe v. election commission of India
*Sheila Sebastian v. R. Jawahraj
*Swaraj Abhiyan (VI) v. Union of India
*Writers and publishers (P) Ltd v. A.K Mishra

Current tax reporter
Vol.303 No.VII  August 24, 2018
*Abhisek Jain vs. ITO & Anr
*Chief CIT vs. JB Memorial Manas Academy Management Society
*Indian Galvanics cyrium folis ltd vs. Dy CIT & Ors
*Osho Forge ltd vs. CIT
*Principal CIT vs. Aptara Technology
*Rajnish Jain vs. CIT & Anr
*Ashok Kumar  v. State of Jharkhand
Vol.192 No.7  August 20, 2018
*Fighting fake news
*The next hurricane
*New hope
*The no deal Brexit option
*Insecure returns
*Brings combat to life

Vol.LVI No.35  August 18, 2018
*Anuguish not anger
*Gandhis lonely furrow
*The Bangladeshi problem in Assam
*A testimony of twentyfive years of decentralization
*Narratives of fake news, lynchings and mobocracy in India
*Helsinki Summit
Vol.LVIII No.34  August 27, 2018

*Games of Sportocracy
*State sanctioned black holes
*Tipus rocket treasure
*Kaziranga guardians
Vol.35 No.17  August 18, 2018
*Essentially a fighter: Mulayam Singh Yadav
*Decline of landlordism
*Karunanidhi as a journalist
*Scripting Dravidian cinema
*Cinema for a cause
*Foundations of Justice
The Economist
Vol.428 No.9106  August 25, 2018
*Hyperinflation in Venezuela
*Traffic congestion: Rules of the road
*In praise of air conditioning
*Australian politics
*Syrians in Turkey
*Universities abroad

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.56  No.33  Aug 13-19, 2018

*Fiction to reality: Virtual reality in higher education 
*Gender Based Opportunities for Women in STEM Streams
*Implementation of CBCS in LIS programs in India: Commonalities and variations
*Three fold purpose of scientific research

Indian Journal of Gender Studies
Vol.25  No.2  June, 2018
* The transgendered devotee: Ambiguity of gender in devotional poetry
*Lack of economic opportunities and persistence of child marriage in West Bengal
*The first women studies research center: A History of Women’s studies and its Progenitors
*Neera Desai: Introductory Note
*India in South Asia: Interaction with Liberal Peace building projects

August, 2018
*The Problem
*Indian federalism: An Innovative Response
*A Double articulation of Sovereignty
*DK and DMK: The double baralled gun
*Education and Dravidian commonsense
*Changes in land relation in Tamilnadu
*Self respect and socialism
*Making of a new public sphere
*Pluralisation of political identity
*Muslim and Dravidian movement
*Public speech as media infrustructure for democracy
*Dravidian future

Vol.LVI  No.33 August 4, 2018
*NRC and Beyond
*On whose side is Imran?
*Triumph of captain Imran khan in Pakistan: What can India look forward to?
*First Bharat Bandh by Dalits on August 9
*Tenth BRICS summit-Urging for an open world economy
*Decoding  the Shanghai Spirit
*Sino U.S Trade war
Vol.192  No.5-6 August 6-13, 2018
*Cuba`s retreat from communism
*TIME with Angela Basset
*Syrrian trapped in War
*Baseball struggles to keep pace
*Ian Breemer on Israel’s New law
*Europe pushes back on tourists
*US tightens the screw on Iran
August 20, 2018

*Pradhan Sevak above all else
*Legend of the renunciate

*Brahmos JV Soars to incredible heights
*Quest for a  green truth
*Man with a vision and mission
*The BHIM thing
*Clarity  and revolution
*A real ageless copter
*Sharply speed the shuttle
*Doctor in touch
*Early detection : Key to curb cancer

The Economist
August 18-24, 2018
*Emerging Markets
*Chinas reforms
*Malasias politics
*Philippines - American relations
*Overstressed children
*Europe and the Arab World
*The Gulf crisis
*Travel in Spain

Friday, 10 August 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.6  Part.3  July 28, 2018

*A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corp. Ltd v. S.N. Raj Kumar
*Anu Bhandari v. Pradip Bhandari
*Avinash Chandra v. State of Karnataka
*Bhaskar Rao v. State of Maharashtra
*CCE v. Adani Exports
*CCI v. Thomas cook (India) Ltd
*Chhotanben v. Kirtibhai Jalkrushnabhai Thakkur
*CIT v. Carpet India
*Gaurav Aseem Avtej v. UP State Sugar Corporation
*Gurubaksh Singh v. Buta Singh
*Kameshwar Singh v. State of Bihar

Yale Law Journal
Vol.127  No.8 June, 2018
* First- Person FOIA
*The obsolescence of advertising in the information age
*Why is it wrong to punish thought

Vol.3  Part.7  July, 2018

*State of Gujarat v. Navin Bhai Chandrakant Joshi etc.
*Hansaram v. State of Chhattisgarh
*Prabhu Dayal v. State of Rajasthan
*State of Andhra Pradesh v. Pullagummi Kashi Reddy @ Rama Krishna Reddy & Ors
*Bhikhari Pandey@ Ganapati Pandey v. State of Bihar
*Matak Shah S/o Late Kanhaiya Sah and Anr v. State of Bihar
*Ram Dayal Das v. State of Bihar
*Sri Ram Singh v. State of Bihar and Anr
*Dot Ram v. Kishan Chand
*Rajendra Govindji Khona and Ors. v. Bharat Bijay Raj Pandyan and Anr
*Dattatrey Shivaji Mane v. Lilabai Shivaji Mane and Anr
*Pritish Natvar Sanghvi  v. Natvar Keshavlal Sanghvi and Anr
*Aseem Kapoor and Ors. v. State of NCT of Delhi

Current tax reporter
Vol.303 No.28 July 27,2018

*Binod Kumar Agarwal vs. CIT
*Dhananjay Kumar Singh & Ors. Vs. Asst. CIT & Ors
*Director of IT vs. Hyundai Heavy Industries
*Principal CIT vs. Lakshminarayana Mining Company vs. Shree Gopal Housing & Plantation Corporation

Vol.LVIII No.31 August 6, 2018

*Life after death
*A wide floor test
*The final charter
*The healthy goodie box
*Epic in new colour code

University News
Vol.56 No.30 July 26-29, 2018

*Higher education commission: Pathway for a facilitating ecosystem
*Paradigm shift from pedagogy to andragogy to heutagogy in higher education
*Regulating open and distance learning in India: A historical perspective
*Need of digitized workplace culture in Indian universities
*Some pointers to chart a successful career path

Readers Digest
Vol.59 No.8 August, 2018

*What freedom means to young India
*Can meditation really slow ageing?
*Trapped inside a glacier
*The transformative power of giving
*Simple way to cut the top blood pressure number

Economic and political weekly
Vol.LII  No.29 July 21, 2018

*National register of citizens and the Supreme Court
*Modifying school textbooks
*Persuing FDI for technology : Is access enough
*Technology transport of transfer

The Economist
Vol.428  No.9102 July 28, 2018

*The world this week
*Competition in Britain
*Reform in Europe
*China`s Belt and road initiative
*Pollution and the law

India Today
Vol.XLIII  No.32 August 6, 2018

*The nowhere people
*Putting price on health
*Fumes of death
*A deadly leap of faith
Vol.192  No.4 July 30, 2018

*How air conditioners make climate change worse
*7 foods that help tamp down inflammation
*The summit crisis
*To the Moon again
*Hope and Change

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.6  No.2, July 21, 2018
*BCCI v. Kochi Cricket(P) Ltd.
*Champion R. Sangma v. State of Meghalaya
*Compaq International v. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance co. ltd
*D. Saravanam v. TANGEDCO
*Harita Sunil Parab v. State(NCT of Delhi)
*Rameshwar v. State of Haryana
*State of Karnataka v. Karnataka Pawn Brokers Assn.

     Current Tax Reporter
Vol.303  No.26, July 13, 2018
*CIT vs. Doordarshan Commercial services vs. Indian Oil Corporation 
*Harikishan Sunderlal Virmani vs. Dy CIT
*Shayona pulp conversion mills(P) ltd vs.CIT & Ors
*Sky light Hospitality LLP vs. Asst. CIT

North East Judgements
Vol.3  No.2, July , 2018
*Ameet Lalchand Shah and Ors vs. Rishabh Enterprise and Anr
*Common cause ( A Regd. Society) v. Union of India and Ors
*Eureka Builders & Ors v. Gulbachand s/o Veljee Dand since deceased by L.Rs & Ora
*Geomysore Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. and Anr. Vs. M/s Hutti Goldmines
*Kalpana Mehta and Ors. vs. Union of India and ors
*Kerala state electricity board and another  vs. kurien E. Kalathil and Anr
*Lok Prahari through its general secretary vs. state of Uttar Pradesh and Ors
*Oriental Insurance co. Ltd vs. M/s Narbheram Power and steel pvt ltd

Friday, 8 June 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Vol.2  No.1  May, 2018
*Satpal v. state of Haryana
*Chandra Bhawan Singh v. state of Uttar Pradesh
*Alakh Alok Srivastava v. Union of India
*Tularam v. The State of Madhya Pradesh
*Prem Giri v. State of Rajasthan
*Murugan v. State of Tamilnadu

Gauhati Law Times
Vol.2 No.1, April, 2018
*Abiran Nessa (Musst) v. Union of India and Ors
*Kaustuv Gogoi & Anr v. Bharayi Gogoi & Ors
*Assam Cooperative appex bank vs. Punjab National Bank
*Ahsis Kumar Das v. Northeastern Hill University
*Ever Assam tea v. State of Assam

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.4 No.5 May, 2018
*Jayant Verma v. Union of India
*Kerala SEB v. Kurien E. Kalathi
*Lok Prahari v. Union of India

Current tax reporter
Vol.302 No.5, May, 2018
*CIT v. A.L Logistics
*Director of WT v. Hersh W Chadha
*Google India Ltd v.CIT
*Jaya Agarwal v. ITO
*Mani, R v. Chief CIT
*Sri Saibaba Santhan Trust v. Union of India

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.4 No.4, May, 2018
*A.A Padmanbhan v. state of Kerala
*Kochin Port Trust v. Arbee star maritime agencies
*Indian Bank v. S.N Engineers  & Suppliers
*Jagdish v. Mohan
*Sitaram v. Radhey Shyam Vishnav
*Sneha Parikh v. Manit Kumar     

University News
Vol.56 No.21, May,2018
*Higher education in the North East India
*Commitment is essential for excellence in teacher education
*Role of higher education in rising India
*Information processing skill in higher education
*Curriculum: A weapon for crucial breakthrough

The Economist
May 26th-June 1st, 2018
*Business in America
*Audit reform
*Colombia election
*Truth and technology
*Business under Trump
*Indian politics : Two day wonder
*Trump v. Justice
*Telephone scams
*Brexit and customs
May 28th ,2018
*Trumps plan to boost GOP candidates
*Ireland reconsiders abortion
*Why kids learn languages more easily than adults
*The Supreme Court opens up sports gambling
*Next generation leaders
May 14th  2018
*Getting darker still
*The plan stays intact
*Water running over
*Everything leaks data
* Redefining star senior
May 26th –June 8, 2018
*Climate change: A women led crop revolution in Marathwada
*GST and federalism
*Education in Delhi
*Walmarts gamble
May 21st 2018
*Road block is in the past
*Dishonour among rebels
*Quota vs. Quota
May 28th  2018
*Goliath vs Goliath
*Hope, sling and hung
* A storytellers tale
*The long road to gold coast
June 2018
*The IAS success story
*International relations: India`s china challenges
*Misuse of PIL
*Development through digitisation
*Making development a mass movement
*New age skills-generating opportunities for youth
*Rationalising the tax structure
*Making quality medicine