Monday, 25 February 2019

New Donated Journal

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Mr. Nilay Dutta for donating the following Journal furnished below to the NLUJAA Library.

Sl. No.
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NILIMA: A Journal of        law and Policy
 Mr. Nilay Dutta
Sr. Advocate  
Gauhati High Court

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Vol.1 Part.1  January, 2019
* Sri Suresh Kumar Goyal & Others v. State of Uttar Pradesh & Another
*Devi Lal vs. State of  Rajasthan
*Champ Lal Dhakar v. Naval Singh Rajput & Ors
*Jagdish Chand and Another v. State of Haryana
*Ashish Jain v. Markrand Singh and Ors
*Bishambhar Prasad Singh v. State of Bihar and Ors.
*Gambhir Singh and Anr v. State of U.P and Anr
*M. Justin Samson v. Statr of Karnataka
*State of Maharashtra and Ors. v. Manoj Lalya Vasantrao Atram and Ors.
*State of Maharashtra v. Macchindra Babdu Gangadhar Sonawane

University News
Vol. 57 No.6  February 11-17, 2019
*Shiksha `O` Anusandhan (Deemed to be University): A Profile
*Autonomy in Higher education for excellence: Indian Perspectives
*Boosting research activities is the key to position universities in Global rankings.
*Higher education in India: Performance in key areas
*Challenges and solutions for establishment of world class educational institutions
*Improving quality education in Higher Education Institutions: A customized faculty
*Capacity building of teachers of Medical professions in the domain of educational methodology
*Awareness of Intellectual property rights: Need of the times
*Cultural universities require different criteria for benchmarking
*The challenges of conscious oriented higher education strategy in the 21st century
*Autonomy and Quality of Indian Higher Education
*What can Industry do for Improving Quality and Relevance of higher education in India
*Higher education accrrediation in India
*Research and innovation in India: When and how ?

Down to Earth
Vol. 27 No.18  February 1-15, 2019
*Honouring farmers
*Obesity meter
*Sap of the matter
*In search of super foods
*Poll factor

  The Economist
Vol. 430 No.9130  February 16-22, 2019
*Gas and geopolitics
*Light bulb Movement
*America`s safety net
*Spain`s Political crisis
*The safety net
*Chaguan why  the Chinese are sad
*The art of retreat

Friday, 8 February 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Current Tax Reporter
Vol.306 Part. IV No.4   January 25th , 2019
* CIT vs. TBI Education  Trust
*CIT (Exemptions) & Anr. Vs. Ohio University Christ College, Academy for management
*Geekay Security Services (P) Ltd vs. Dy. CIT and Ors
*Hitech Analytical Services vs. Principal  CIT & Anr
*Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. Vs. Dy. CIT & Anr
*Principal CIT vs. Jindal Drugs Ltd.
*Rajender Kumar Sehgal vs. ITO

India Today
Vol.XLIV  No. 5  January 29 – Feb 4, 2019
* Priyanka Takes the Plunge
*The fight for Airways
*Sonowal feels the fury
*A healing touch for the healthcare
*The wood for the tree
*The fight gets tight
*The making of a grand alliance
*Going off track
*A winning hand
*The machine begins to rattle

The Economist
Vol.430  No. 9127  January 26 – Feb 1, 2019
*Global business slowbalisation
*Venezuela erupts removing Maduro
*Drones savior or menac
*Democratic repuplic of Congo
*Index funds
*What Britain and its neighbours misunderstand about each other
*Defining Taiwan
*Banyan Asian Democracy
*Education in India
*Japanese dress codes
*Politics and the Law
*Young Americans
*Riding bulls
*Two presidents for Venezuela
*Egypt`s new capital
*Repression in Zimbabwe
*A murder in Ghana
*Congo`s bogus president

Vol.42  No.3  February 9, 2019
*If there were a popularity poll in the country
*The top 10 Women badminton players are at the same level
*Unlike the inaugural edition of the khelo Indi school games in Delhi

Sunday, 27 January 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

India Today
Vol.XLIV  No. 1  January 1-7, 2019
*The Evolution of Rahul Gandhi ?
*The Fading power of two.
*Turbulence in the Air
*A Bank sheds its reserve
*The spiral drive
*The Army`s Captain
*Lone star
*The Game changers
*Their big fat Indian weddings
*Southern confort

Vol.XXX  No. 8  January 1-7, 2019
*SDG India index: Base line
*Climate vulnerability Assessment
*Gender gap index
*Fanual species of Andaman & Nicobar Island
*Ten big factors causing farmers distress
*River Dolphins go missing in Sunderbans as water salinity rises
*SC directs  centre to declare area around National Parks as Ecological sensitive
*Revised guidelines for ground water extraction
*Govt targets 20-30% drop in air pollution
*India`s second biennial update report to UNICEF
*India`s longest rail road bridge, Bogibeel inaugurated
*Three central schemes have generated 2.7 Million jobs
*The first ever Swadesh Darshan Project in Nagaland
*International training centre for operational oceanography inaugurated

Vol.42  No.2  January 26, 2019
*The Dhing Express Hima Das
*The High and low of Indian sport
*Sunil Gavaskar on India`s  Test Series
*Photoline: Melbourne and Sydney tests
*Australia Diary

University News
Vol.57  No.01  January 7-13, 2019
*Benchmark for Sustainable Development in Higher education system: Ranking, Rating and Research
*Excellence in Higher education through accredition in the age of Global competitiveness
*Higher education commission of India: Aims and consequences in view of autonomy and excellence
*Cultural universities require  different criteria for benchmarking
*Outcome based education : A transformational model for excellence in higher education insitutions

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

New Donated Books

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Jupi Gogoi  for donating the following book furnished below to the NLUJAA Library.

Sl. No.
Gifted By
   IPR and Human Rights
        Jupi Gogoi

Thursday, 6 December 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News: A weekly Journal of Higher Education
Vol.56  No.46  November 12-18, 2018

*A small step for a Giant leap
*Higher education commission of India: Right Move ?
*Need of two distinct baccalaureate engineering programs in India
*Potential of the state of Kerala to Host the consortium of distance education system
*Strategies to enhance quality of engineering education 

North East Judgements
Vol.5  No.1  November, 2018

*Ameet Lalchand Shah and Ors vs. Rishabh Enterprise and Anr
*B.C Singh(D) by LR vs. J.M Utarid by LR
*Jayanta Verma and Ors vs. Union of India and Ors
*Kalpana Mehta and Ors vs. Union of India
*Life Insurance Corporation of India vs. Nandini Shah
*Union of India v. Rina Devi
*Abu Hussain vs. State of Assam
*Seuti Baruah vs. Indusland Bank Ltd
*State of Assam v. Rajeev Thakru

Journal of the Indian Law Institute
Vol.60 No.1, 2018

*Indian and Australian constitutional law: A recent study in contrasts
*Role of  non-legal facts in judicial process
*Judicial review and process of judging: The Jurisprudential analysis
*Business courts and private tribunals: Is India ready for Global commerce?
*Right to die with dignity: An analysis of common case v. Union of India

Current Central legislation
Vol. XLIV No.11 November 20th, 2018

*Goods and Services tax (Compensation to states) Amendment Act, 2018
*Integrated goods and service tax (Amendment) Act, 2018
*Union territory of goods and services tax (Amendment) Act, 2018
*Companies (Amendments) ordinance, 2018
*Muslim women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Ordinance

Vol.35 No. 24 Nov 24-Dec 07, 2018

*Pilgrimage politics in Kerala
*Madhya Pradesh: Challenges before Congress
*Rajasthan: A loosing battle for BJP
*Mizoram: High- stakes contest
*Telengana: Test of performance
*RSS`s endgame in Ayodhya
*A new start in Maldives
*Sri Lanka: Democracy in peril
*A culture in danger
*Attack on heritage
*Superhero creator Stan Lee

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News: A weekly Journal of Higher Education
Vol.56  No.44  October 29th- November 4th, 2018
* Why Course work is necessary for M.Phil and PhD Programmes ?
* Adding Flavors to Teaching at Higher education level
* Joy of learning through case studies: Application of emotional intelligence
* Improving Pedagogy: Reflection on reforming English language learning using scaffold

Current Tax Reporter
Vol.305  Part No.1  November 2nd, 2018
* Abdul Rahim v. ITSC & Anr
* Ayush Kataria v. Union of India & Ors
* CIT v. Sant Girdhar
* DRB exports v. CIT
* Moin A. Quereshi v. CIT & Anr
* Principal CIT vs. Nila Baurat Engg. Ltd

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.9   Part No.3  November 7th, 2018
* Anant v. Pratap
* Birwati Chaudhury v. State of Haryana
* CIT v. Canara Bank
* Food corporation of India  v. Employees Union
* State of U.P v. Anil Kumar
* Ved Pal v. Prem Devi
Services Law Reporter
Vol.292 Part.1, November, 2018
* Akshay Pant v. The Lieutenant Governor
* Arun Singh Chauhan v. Union of India
* Ashish Kumar v. The state of Uttar Pradesh
* Dilip Kumar Pandey v. The state of Bihar
* Mohd. Ali v. State of H.P
* Nand Lal v. State of Haryana
* Som Dutta v. Commissioner of Police
* State of Maharashtra v. Deepak Namdev
* Union of  India v. Col Ran Singh Dubee

The Economist
Vol.429 No.9116 November 3rd, 2018
*Turning the screw on Tehran
*Europe without Merkel
*Red October in the Markets
*HBO v. Netflix
*Germany: Angela`s exit
*America and Iran
*Stock markets
*Doing business rankings
*Turmoil in Sri Lanka
*The Worlds biggest statue
*Re education in Ethiopia

Vol. LVI No.45 October, 27th, 2018
*Rafale Deal: The noose tightens
*Kerala`s stabbed modernity
*Conquering Hunger: The battle for right to food in India
*Me Too in a country that worships God as Women
*Aadhar Judgement
*Floods in Kerala or Nature`s fury

Vol.35   No.23  November 10-23, 2018
*Statue of Unity: Sardar as Pawn
* Change that fuels fears
*Constitutional coup
*Undermining institutions
*Tipus Mysore attack
*Amritsar train accident: Blame game begins
*S.C intervenes again
*History of abuse
*Gold market in India