Thursday, 20 February 2020

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Indian Bar Review
Vol.46, No.4, October -December , 2019

Ø Law and other disciplines
Ø Continuing legal education: Burden or a much needed reform?
Ø The clinic
Ø Clinical legal education in India: An analysis
Ø Clinical legal education through ADR
Ø Law degree – for effective application of law
Ø The role of continuing legal education in enhancing the legal profession in India
Ø How to make legal education in India meaningful?
Ø Clinical legal education: experimental learning through legal curriculum
Ø Majors to improve education standardize in the changing demanor
Ø Decoding Menons world of legal education
Ø Clinical legal education on the techniques of alternate dispute resolution- need and significance
Ø Clinical legal education India
Ø Legal education in India: Issues and Challenges
Ø Legal education
Ø Clinical design of legal education in India: In pursuit of existing culture of law and social justice
Ø Continuing legal education
Ø Disruptive technology and legal education
Ø Clinical legal education in India: A critical analysis
Ø Development of clinical and legal education in India
Ø Legal education: Hydrating the peach
Ø Legal education in India: Reformation and transformation
Ø The process of lifelong legal education
Ø Introduction to animal law in continuing legal education
Ø Legal education: Past, present and future
Ø Indian society and clinical legal education
Ø Justice education or legal education
Ø Legal education and challenges in India
Ø Clinical legal education revisited
Ø Educating law students: An opportunity for reforms

Gauhati Law Times
Vol.1, No.1, January , 2020
Ø Alam Ali v. Union of India
Ø Anil Kumar Khanal v. State of Meghalaya
Ø Assam Company India Ltd. V. Union of India
Ø Bimala Das v. State of Assam
Ø Depak Debnath v. State of Tripura
Ø Gollam Hussain v. State of Tripura
Ø Karabi Das v. Aparesh Das
Ø Monisha Das v. Union of India
Ø Muhi Gogoi v. State of India
Ø Sandeep Agarwal v. State of Assam
Ø Srikanta Roy v. State of Assam

Vol.1, No.1, January , 2020
Ø Management Today: Meet the new Boss
Ø Americas election: State of the democrats
Ø Hong Kong: Three Strikes
Ø Congo and Malawi: A Tale of two elections
Ø LA`s train
Ø Rafael corneaon trial
Ø Congo, one year on

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.57, No.49, December 9-15, 2019

Ø The Cost and Benefits of Internationalisation of Higher Education
Ø International Scenario of Indian Higher education
Ø Transformation of Universities and colleges to world class standards: Some Important Guidelines
Ø Rating and ranking of higher education institutions in India: Hits and misses
Ø Internationalisation of medical education: Dilemma between domestic requirements, policies and global objectives
Ø Upgrading higher education to produce, Nurture and groom stuudents as successful professionals: An Approach at JK Laxmipant University
Ø Internationalisation of Indian Higher education
Ø Internationalisation and student motility in India: Does higher flows of students mean greater internationalisation
Ø The idea of world class institutions: An attempt to develop Indian Models

All India Hindu Law Reporter
Vol.85, No.12, December , 2019

Ø A.N. Amruth Kumar v. A.N. Vanitha
Ø Abhisekh Chatterjee v. Piyet Chatterjee
Ø Ajay Sharma v. Shruti Sharma
Ø Amir Khan v. Gul Amir Tiwari
Ø Amrit Tiwari v. Deepshikha Tiwari
Ø Amitava Ghosh v. Shefali Ghosh
Ø Anil Kumar Goel v. Rekha Goel
Ø Anita Dashrath Dolare v. Dashrath Mahadev Dolare
Ø Ankita Roy v. Sayantan Roy
Ø B.K ChandraShekhar v. B.C Arun Kumar
Ø Babul Chandra Majumdar v. Ratna Majumder
Ø Baljit Singh v. Prabhjit Kaur
Ø C.M Suresh v. Hemamalini
Ø Court on its own motion v. Jagdeep Pal Singh
Ø D. Subramanyam Raju v. D. Laxmi Devi
Ø Deepak Kantilal Desai v. Shruti Mihir Shah
Ø Girish Singh v. State of Uttarakhand
Ø Kantilal v. State of Gujrat
Ø Karuna Kansal v. Hemant Kansal
Ø Mahesh Kumar v. State of Haryana
Ø Mahammed Salim v. Shamsuden
Ø Rashmi Chopra v. State of Uttar Pradesh
Ø Wasim v. State NCR of Delhi

Current Tax Reporter
Vol.311, No.49, December 20th , 2019
Ø CIT v. Chaksiat Agencies Pvt Ltd v. Indusland Bank
Ø General Insurance Corporation of India v. Asst. CIT & Ors
Ø Hanon Automotive Systems India ltd v. Dy. CIT & Anr
Ø KCT Automobiles v. Dy CIT
Ø Marico Ltd. Asst CIT & Others

Readers Digest
Vol.61, No.1, January , 2020
Ø Extraordinary Indians
Ø 20 Questions for  2020s
Ø Drop Syuborn Weight
Ø Those beloved Hospital kids
Ø Life on the frontline
Ø Welcome to music city
Ø 1946: A love story
Ø Quotable quote
Ø Prediction season
Ø Wanted: Faith for peace and hope
Ø Fun with onions and buffaloes
Ø This year, instead of making resolutions, I want to
Ø A 105 year old Examinee and a big fat green weeding
Ø Keep the peace
Ø 7 Surprising ways cold weather helps your body
Ø Steps for a longer life and pain relief without opiods

Vol.36, No.26, January 3rd, 2020
Ø Assams Anger
Ø Interview: Hiren Gohain
Ø Fiery Reaction in Assam
Ø Neighbours Worry
Ø An Indefensible law
Ø Back room politics
Ø Partitions unfinished business
Ø CAB rooted Hindutva ideology
Ø Non issue in Jharkhand
Ø Sri Lankan Tamil: No where people
Ø A plantation Tamils story
Ø It is issues v. emotions in Jharkhand

Thursday, 28 November 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.57, No.45, November 11-17, 2019

Ø Employability  and entrepreneurship in higher education programmes
Ø Indian Universities and Industry 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities
Ø Employability and entrepreneurship: A fusion of reality and uncertainty
Ø Developing entrepreneurial thinking among students of higher education institutions
Ø Delinking degree from jobs: A critic
Ø Developing employability and entrepreneurship in higher education
Ø Developing employability and entrepreneurship as cornerstones in higher education: Initiatives at Jagan Nath University
Ø How to make our curriculum conducive to make students employable
Ø Enhancing entrepreneurship and employability through education
Ø Higher education in India: entrepreneurship
Ø Skill and employability - A challenge for engineering institutions
Ø A sustainable future: Role of industry, education system and society in creating the workforce for tomorrow
Ø Effective skill learning for enhancing employability

     University News
Vol.57, No.45, November 11-17, 2019

Ø Mahatma Gandhi on the past: Its Relevance to Present and Future
Ø Cross thinking: Need of the hour for Ministry of Human Resource Development to Rejuvenate the Nation
Ø Do we let Higher Education to Fester ?: Critical Analysis and Policy Interventions on DNEP- 2019
Ø Gandhi`s Nai Talim: Examining Reasons of its Decline and possibilities of rival

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.9, No.4, November 14, 2019

Ø Commr of Customs v. Motorola (India) Ltd
Ø Faniul Khan v. State of Jharkhand
Ø Kantilal v. State of Gujrat
Ø Krishna Devi v. Maheswari v. Surendra Surekha
Ø Lakshman v. State of Karnataka
Ø Narshing Yadav v. Union of India
Ø Prem Singh v. Sukhdev Singh
Ø Satish Kumar v. State of Haryana
Ø Union of India v. Balwant Singh

Vol.LIX, No.46, November 25, 2019

Ø Ignition with a court: Distinguished as a harmless census exercise , NRC comes to Bengal as NPR
Ø Dammed if you do: Work on Subansiri hydel proect resumes after eight years
Ø Stream of Main Paradox: Politicians not separatists give up on legal resource
Ø The politricks of alliance
Ø A cat riding the roaring tiger
Ø Mapping the future
Ø The temple panchang
Ø Earth`s verdict
Ø The edifice we demolished
Ø When millions become brand ambasadors

India Today
Vol.LIX, No.46, November 25, 2019

Ø Lungfuls of smoke
Ø Power cut
Ø The isolation of Devendra Fadnavis
Ø An austere lifestyle has to begin with the CM
Ø The big phone hack
Ø An eternal light
Ø Weaponising data, the new oil
Ø Who is not a citizen
Ø The march towards centralism
Ø The enemy within
Ø Tax extraction or tax terrorism ?
Ø Decoding Hindu Rashtra
Ø Being Hindu in a Hindu Rashtra
Ø Where the mind is full of fear
Ø The guardians of civil liberty
Ø Excile and the kingdom