Friday, 9 November 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

All India Hindu Law Reporter
Vol.82  Part No.2  October, 2018
* Adnan Chara v. Farhat Adnan
*Ahmed Mohiuddin v. Shabana Yasneen
*Ajay Narayan Das v. Asha Devi
*Anima Das v. Samaresh Majumdar
*Anurag Mittal v. Shaily Mishra Mittal
*Archana v. Dr Chandu Vasudeorao Wanjare
*Atar Kaur v. Gurmeet Singh
*Babita v. Modprasad
*Baliram v. Sumitra
*Bhagwati Prasad Shivhare v. Sanyog v. Sanyog Jaiswal
*Dayachand Forte v. Kamlabai
India Quarterly
Vol.74 No.3  September, 2018
*Trump and the accession of Western Realism: A critical discussion on the Western Realities and Western Liberalists evaluation of globalization
*A Strategic Essay: Dynamics between super President, a Military alliance and an intrastate entity
*Strategic maritime triangle in the Indian Ocean: An emerging Indo-US Naval Entity
*US Nuclear posture review 2018: Unwisely reopening settled nuclear issues

University News: A weekly Journal of Higher Education
Vol.56 No.43  October 22-28, 2018
* Reflective and human teaching: Implications for revisiting teacher education programme
* Expectations and the delusion on the behavior of teachers: Some random thoughts
* Massive open online courses platform as a political genre for progressive professional development of teachers
* Business schools in India: Issues for Introspection
* Universities to Develop insight on multidisciplinary knowledge and interdisciplinary skill to prepare students for future
Gauhati Law Times
Vol.4 No.2  September, 2018
* Ajit Medhi v. Chief Judicial Magistrate & Ors
* Andalib Islam(Md.) Anr. Abdul Samed
* Anima Das v. Samaresh Majumdar
* Anowar Ali(Md.) & Ors. v. State of Assam & Ors
* Anup Khatowal v. Cholammandalam M.S. General Insurance
* Assam Small Industries Development Corporation ltd. Vs. Micro and Small enterprises
* Assam State Transport Corporation v. Ghosh Brothers Mothors Private Ltd
* Baleswar Rangpi v. Bahar Ali

Services law reporter
Vol.291 No.3  October 10th , 2018
* Ajeet Kumar v. UOI
*Anil Hussain v. Budge of India
*Balwant Singh v. State of Haryana
*Bir Singh v. State of Jal Board
*Kanchan Bala v. State of Haryana
*Neeraj v. State of Haryana
*Sabjit Singh v. State of Punjab
*Thakur Prasad v. Union of India

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.9 Part No.2  October 28th , 2018
*B.N Firos v. State of Kerala
*Bhagwan Das v. State of Kerala
*Imtiaz Rahman v. State of Maharashtra
*Indian oil corporation v. T. Nataraja
*K.S Rajan v. State of Kerala
*Sahil Sharma v. Union of India
The Economist
Vol.429 Part No.9113  October 13th-19th, 2018
*The World economy
*Climate Change
*Saudi Arabia
*Midterms Medicare for all
*Education in India
*Pakistan`s Economy
*Women’s rights in Central Asia
*Free speech in Singapore
*Election in Bhutan
*Food delivery in India
*Probiotics for vegetables

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

New Donated Books

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Hon'ble  Supreme Court of India and Prof. (Dr) R. Venkata Rao, Vice Chancellor, National Law School of India University,  Bengaluru  for donating the following books furnished below to the NLUJAA Library.

Sl. No.
Gifted By
The Constitution at 67
Hon’ble Supreme Court of India 
A Public discource on privacy- An analysis of Justice K.S Puttuswamy v. Union of India
Prof.(Dr.) R Venkata Rao, Vice Chancellor, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

Friday, 26 October 2018

New Donated Books

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Indian Law Institute, New Delhi  for donating the following conference proceedings furnished below to the  NLUJAA  Library.
Sl. No.
Gifted By

Conference proceedings of  National Initiative to Reduce Pendency and Delay in Judicial System
Indian Law Institute, New Delhi 

Conference of Vice-Chancellors of National Law Universities on Legal Education Reforms
Indian Law Institute, New Delhi 

Thursday, 25 October 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News: A weekly Journal of Higher Education
Vol.56  No.40  October 01-07, 2018
* Mahatma Gandhi`s Philosophy of peace: Present relevance
*Students` Perception towards values in education: An empirical study
*Value based education for better living
*Peace education as a tool for preventing violence
*Science, Spirituality and God: An attempted synthesis
*The Pride of universities lie in service extended to society

Current tax reporter
Vol.304 Part No.5  September 28th , 2018
* Anne venkata Vishnu Vara Prasad vs. Asst CIT
* Ardhana Estate (P) ltd vs. Dy. CIT
* Arjun Malhotra vs. CIT
* CIT vs. Managing Committee, Arya High School
* Joint Security vs. Finance ltd vs. Asst. CIT
* Khandelwal steel & Tube Traders vs. ITO
* Multi Commodity Exchange of India

October , 2018
* Contemporary Gandhism
* Present position and Prospects
* The Legacy
* As Nation builder
* Democratic Decentralisation
* Food Freedom and Economic Freedom
* Interview Aditi Godrej
* Yesterday and Tomorrow
* The uncountable
* A Dalit feminist standpoint
* The Policing of Naming
* Identity Politics and the annihilation of castes
* The Pedagogy of Nationalism
* Caritas and Maithri

Current tax reporter
Vol.304 Pat No. VI, October 5th,2018
* Aircel Ltd vs. Dy CIT
* Cherian Varkey Construction Co. (P) vs. Union of India
* CIT vs. J.P Morgan India (P) ltd v. NHPC Ltd
* Nataraju & Ors vs. Principal CIT & Anr
* Oscar Fernendez v. Asst. CIT
* Principal CIT vs. International Metro Civil Contractors v. Kamal Kishore Chandak v. NHPC Ltd v. Nova Technocast (P) Ltd
* Rahul Gandhi vs. Principal CIT
* SGS India (P) Ltd vs. Jt CIT
* Shrikant Mohta vs. CIT

Economic and Political Weekly
Vol.LIII Part No. 38, September 22nd ,2018
* Is Inclusive Hindutva a common good ?
* When fuel is on Fire
* Are Sewer Deaths the New Normal ?
*When Supreme court judgements are set aside ?
*Personal data protection Bill, 2018: A Critique
*Constitutional rights of Atheists
*Role of Dams in Kerala`s flood disaster
*India`s Senior civil services
*Conflict between regulation and competition law in telecom sector
*Information and regulation in Telecom sector
*Internet Search engine and two sided Markets.
*Repurposing NSSO Data for markets

Vol.LVI No. 42, October 6th  ,2018
*Rhetoric and Reality
*Is cleanliness Gandhi`s Greatest
*Contribution to Nation- Building
*The Judicial Archer
*India and the neighbourhood: New Delhi`s Faltering Diplomacy
*On Mohanji Bhagwat`s formulations
*COMCASA and the historic fight for peace

Monday, 15 October 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

All India Hindu Law Reporter
Vol.82  No.1  September, 2018
* Anjana Taggarse Motupalli v. Sreenivas Motupalli
*Bainabhai Raghoji Wankhade v. Divisional Manager
*Balkrishna Pandurang Halde v. Yeshodabai Balkrishna Halde
*Basavraj Shivappa Dharmayat v. Lata Basavaraj Dharmayat
*Bharati Ratan Suradkar v. Ratan Anandrao Suradkar
*Binchy John George v. John George
*Bindia Kripalani v. Naresh Nathulal Pal
*Dalendra Kannauje v. Reena Kannauje
*Dhrutiben  Dhananjaynhai Chorada v. Dhananjanhai Raydebhai Chorada
*G. Kesavan v. P. Visalakshi
*Hardeep Singh Arora v. State of Maharastra
*Hukmi Devi v. Madan
*Kirala Venkatamma v. K. Munaswamy
*Krishan Kumar v.  Navneet
*Punjab Sacrilege Bill is a vigilante legislation

Economic and Political weekly
Vol. LIII   No.37, 2018
*Non Performing power sector Assets: Signaling a larger crisis
*Trade war of the United States
*Redefining the purpose and rules of Shelters
*Ayush and Health Services: Policy and practice in Maharashtra
*Remembering the Gentleman of Indian Politics
*All India Radio`s glory  days and its  search for autonomy
*Urban canals and periurban  Agrarian institution: A study of  Budhera village in Gurgaon
*More than just water: Participatory Irrigation management in Maharashtra

University News: A weekly Journal of Higher Education
Vol. 56   No.39, 2018
*Foundation of creating an ideal society for World peace through value based universal education: A Rethinking on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi
*Integral Human Philosophy and Education
*Approaches to Human Rights Education
*Securing World peace and Security
*Values and Social Responsibilities in transforming higher education

Supreme Court Cases
Vol. 8   No.3, 2018
*Values and Social Responsibilities in transforming higher education
*Arvind Tiwari v. State of Bihar
*Central board of trustees v. Indore Composite(P) Ltd
*S. Rajaseekaran  v. Union of India
*Shalu Ojha v. Prashant Ojha
*Shanti Bhushan v. Supreme Court of India
*T.P Murugan v. Bojan
*Union of India v. Mulchand Kharaiti Ram Trust
*Union of India v. Sunil Tripathi

Current tax reporter
Vol. 304   Part No.4, 2018
*Alfa investment v. ITO
*CIT vs. Hapur Pilkhuwa Development Authority
*D.Y Patil Education Society vs. CIT & Anr
*Dilip Tanaji Kashid v. M.L Karma Kar

Services law reporter
Vol. 291   Part No.2, 2018

* Akashdeep Morya v. The Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur
* Aman Kumar v. Union of India
* Anmol Singh v. Punjab and Haryana High Court
* Aryan Kumar v. State of Rajasthan
* Ashok Perek v. State of Rajasthan
* Balwinder Kaur v. State of Punjab
* Chander Kanta Berma v. State of Haryana
* Convent of Our lady of Providence Girls High School v. Anita Nigam
* Currency Notes Press v. N.N Sardesai

Northe East Judgement
Vol. 4   Part No.2, 2018
* Commissioner of Income tax, Chennai vs. S. Ajit Singh
* Dilwar vs. State of Haryana
* Eureka Builders & Ors vs. Gulbachand S/o Veljee Dand since deceased by LRS & Ors
* Pankaj Jain vs. Union of India and Anr
* Agnes Kharshing v. State of Meghalaya and Ors
* Anupam Paul, Ex Constable vs. Union of India
* Bharatiya Allied JV v. Union of India
* Bitumani Devi v. Syaye of Assam and Ors
* Dipak Chakrabarty vs. Union of India
* L.M Commercial vs. Chittaranjan Patowary

Vol.35 No.20, 2018
* Rafale deal: Limits of credibility
*Tiruppur knightwear units plight
*Kashmir History of betryals
*U.S & India: Two plus two talks in New Delhi
*Twenty five years after the Oslo accords
*Real story of a sealift of Indian from Kuwait
* The GDP fudge
*Job Generatio: Cooking  up numbers
*Banking Sector on the brink