Monday, 10 June 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.5 Part.1 21st May, 2019
Ø  Asharfi Devi v. State of U.P.
Ø  CIT v. Rashtradoot (HUF)
Ø  Dinesh Textiles v. CCE
Ø  Gagan Kumar . State of Punjab
Ø  Mahendra v. State of Tamilnadu
Ø  Mala Singh v. State of Haryana
Ø  SEBI v. Bhavesh Pabari
Ø  Shankar v. State of Maharashtra

AIR Law Lines
May, 2019
Ø  Liability of Insurer
Ø  Railway Accident
Ø  Appointment of Arbitrator
Ø  Termination of mandate of Arbitrator
Ø  Renunciation of citizenship
Ø  Examination of witness
Ø  Securities and exchange board of India
Ø  Special leave to appeal
Ø  Offences under building
Ø  Drugs technical advisory board
Ø  Suit for partition
Ø  Acquisition of Land
Vol.LIX No. 22, 10th June, 2019
Ø  The Block that Built Modi 2.0
Ø  Another dead end
Ø  In knot for the top
Ø  Red lights at 8848 metres
Ø  Face for Radicalism
Ø  In search of the god of rain
Ø  Success in symphony
Ø  Hypertension myths and facts
Ø  Congress law of inertia
Ø  Cant find my way home
Ø  A sect split at the top
Ø  Power lifter and a few punchers

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

New Donated Journals and Books

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Ms. Ishita Das and Dr. Parul Choudhury  for donating the following journal and book furnished below to the NLUJAA Library.

Sl. No.
Gifted By
MNLU Mumbai Law Review Vol.II Issue. I 
June 2018
Ms. Ishita Das
Press Censorship in
 India during emergency 
Dr. Parul Choudhury

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

May, 2019

Ø  Regional roots of India`s national elections
Ø  Changing fiscal dynamics
Ø  Federalism and social policy
Ø  Team India and the NITI AAYOG
Ø  Towards Indias new fiscal federalism
Ø  The case for a radical transformation
Ø  Decentralising administration
Ø  Reforming the Rajya Sabha
Ø  Greenn federalism

Vol.13  Issue No.2  May, 2019

Ø  Analysis of the role of tariff concession in East Asia
Ø  Export Composition and Long run economic Growth Impact
Ø  Net interest margin of banks in India
Ø  Impact of age- structure transition on India`s current account balance
Ø  Public Private wage gap in the Indian mining and quarrying industry

Vol.63, May 2019

Ø  Energy efficiency is the key for sustainable development
Ø  Tapping sustainable energy alternatives
Ø  Financing renewables in India
Ø  E-Waste Management
Ø  Steps to achieve India`s solar potential
Ø  Geo thermal and ocean energy technologies
Ø  Biogas- A story untold
Ø  Driving a green transition for the environment
Ø  Climate change – Challenges and opportunities

Readers Digest
Vol.60 No.5, May 2019

Ø  19 facts about the 2019 elections
Ø  Some says this is as important as the 1977 elections
Ø  A dog to heal us
Ø  Medical breakthrough
Ø  A  rattle  with death
Ø  Almost angles, the magic bus
Ø  Sense and sensitivity
Ø  Lost places
Ø  Before they were stars
Ø  Bridges across the sky

Friday, 26 April 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Modern Law Review
Vol.82  No.2  March, 2019
* Regulation by Block chain: The emerging Battle for Supermacy between the code of law and code as Law
*The network of Law Reviews: Citation cartels, scientific communities and journal rankings
*Statistical evidence, Assentation’s and Responsibility
*Justice, Legitimacy and the authority of Legislation within the European Union
*Constitutional principle, the rule of  Law  and Political Reality: The European Union (Withdrawal) Act. 2018
*So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu: Brexit and the charter of fundamental right
*Two steps forward, one step back: One step support LTD v. Morris Garner and Another
*Fog in the gateway: Brownlie v. Four Seasons Holding Inc

Current Tax Reporter
Vol.307  Issue No.11  March 15th , 2019
*Agarwal Enterprise vs. Dy. CIT & Ors
*Amit Basu vs. Dy. CIT
*CIT vs. Bassant Poddar vs. Fertiliser & Chemicals Travancore Ltd.
*Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd v. Asst CIT

April, 2019
*Persistent disaggrement
*Anatomy of disaggrement
*Hate speech
*Movie Disclaimers
*A shock of Bhakti
*Consent and Seduction
*The empathy drink

Vol.LVII  Issue No.15  March 30th , 2019
*Scientists Major feat in space odyssey
*Why Christchurch attack is a wake up call
*Interpreting FRA to uphold justice
*The pulwama attack and its fallout
*Prime ministerial candidate in a parliamentary democracy
*Grave economic crisis in Pakistan
*The future of dissent in the Anthropocene

Vol.193 Issue No.13  April 8th , 2019
*Theresa May will quit after Brexit
*Liberians in the U.S. are forced back to Africa
**What the border wall will cost the military
*Syrians celebrate the defeat of ISIS
*No laughing matter

Monday, 1 April 2019

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.57  Part.10  March 11-17, 2019
* Gender equality in Indian higher education: Issues and concerns
*Indian women leaders: A case of Begum of Bhopal
*A study on women empowerment through financial literacy
*Awareness about women empowerment in university campuses: A mini survey

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.57 Part.10  March 11-17, 2019
*Akhil Bhartvarshiya Marwari Agarwal Jatiya Kosh v. Brijlal Tibrewal
*Barara coop mktg cum processing society Ltd v Pratap Singh
*Jamila Begum v. Shami Mohd.
*Mallikarjun Kodagali v. State of Karnataka
*Manish S. Pardasani v. State of excise
*New India assurance co. ltd v. Rajeshwar Sharma
*Nipun Saxena v. Union of India
*Prakash Chandra Daga . Savita Sharma
*Vasant Ganpat Padave v. Anant Mahadev Sawant

Civil Services Chronicle
Vol.57 Part.10  March 11-17, 2019
*Monoculture in Crop Production
*Panel for raising minimum wage
*We need a leap in healthcare spending
*Social protection system
*Tribal rights and biodiversity
*India at OIC
*Indias strategy against nuclear Pakistan
*Hindu kush Himalaya assessment
*Multilateralism and its challenges
*Counter terrorism in India
*Corporate governance in India
*Faith, belief and customs

Vol.193 No.10  March 18, 2019
*Probing the mystery of  Jared Kushners security clearance
*Congo attacks raise fear of Ebola`s spread
*Milestones: Luke Perry and Andre Previn
*Can climate change shape the  2020 election?
*Why Israel`s Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting  for his political life
*Behind the ongoing U.S measles outbreak
*One migrant family`s perilous trip to the U.S.
*Man of faith

Monday, 25 February 2019

New Donated Journal

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Mr. Nilay Dutta for donating the following Journal furnished below to the NLUJAA Library.

Sl. No.
Gifted By
NILIMA: A Journal of        law and Policy
 Mr. Nilay Dutta
Sr. Advocate  
Gauhati High Court

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

Vol.1 Part.1  January, 2019
* Sri Suresh Kumar Goyal & Others v. State of Uttar Pradesh & Another
*Devi Lal vs. State of  Rajasthan
*Champ Lal Dhakar v. Naval Singh Rajput & Ors
*Jagdish Chand and Another v. State of Haryana
*Ashish Jain v. Markrand Singh and Ors
*Bishambhar Prasad Singh v. State of Bihar and Ors.
*Gambhir Singh and Anr v. State of U.P and Anr
*M. Justin Samson v. Statr of Karnataka
*State of Maharashtra and Ors. v. Manoj Lalya Vasantrao Atram and Ors.
*State of Maharashtra v. Macchindra Babdu Gangadhar Sonawane

University News
Vol. 57 No.6  February 11-17, 2019
*Shiksha `O` Anusandhan (Deemed to be University): A Profile
*Autonomy in Higher education for excellence: Indian Perspectives
*Boosting research activities is the key to position universities in Global rankings.
*Higher education in India: Performance in key areas
*Challenges and solutions for establishment of world class educational institutions
*Improving quality education in Higher Education Institutions: A customized faculty
*Capacity building of teachers of Medical professions in the domain of educational methodology
*Awareness of Intellectual property rights: Need of the times
*Cultural universities require different criteria for benchmarking
*The challenges of conscious oriented higher education strategy in the 21st century
*Autonomy and Quality of Indian Higher Education
*What can Industry do for Improving Quality and Relevance of higher education in India
*Higher education accrrediation in India
*Research and innovation in India: When and how ?

Down to Earth
Vol. 27 No.18  February 1-15, 2019
*Honouring farmers
*Obesity meter
*Sap of the matter
*In search of super foods
*Poll factor

  The Economist
Vol. 430 No.9130  February 16-22, 2019
*Gas and geopolitics
*Light bulb Movement
*America`s safety net
*Spain`s Political crisis
*The safety net
*Chaguan why  the Chinese are sad
*The art of retreat