Friday, 18 May 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.2 Part.4 April 25-30, 2018
*Role and importance of universities in reviving the music education
*Inner conscience at work
*Pedagogy matters
*Higher education in the era of entrepreneurship: Emerging challenges for democratic values
*Language is the life line of culture
Journal of the Indian Law Institute
Vol.59 No.3
*Choice between “Death” and “Life” for convicts: Supreme Court of India`s Vacillation sans Norms
*Challenging in combating trafficking in human being in South Asia: Need for a right based approach
Indian Historical Review
Vol.44 No.2  
*From lineage to territory: The making of territorial self-conciousness in Kalinga
*The dynamics of a Mughal court festival: A case study of Nauroz
*Coinage and economy of premodern North East India: Focus on Ahom kingdom
*From survey to management: The early colonial state`s intervention in water resources of Bengal
*The Indian diaspora in Malaya: Links and divides between the chettiar business class and working class Indians during the British colonial era
*Textualing Women as Hindu : The Bharat Sevashram Sangha perspective on Hindu women in Twentieth century
*Sino-Indian War 1962
Vol.2 Part.4 April 25-30, 2018
*Future of Arjuna awarded Soumyajit Ghosh is in doubt
*Gorusu Nagaraju s/o Apparao v. State of Andhra Pradesh
*Union of India v. State of Maharashtra and Ors
*Kameshwar Singh v. State of Bihar & Ors
*Munshiram v. state of Rajasthan and Anr
NLUA Law and Policy Review
Vol.3 No.1 2017
*Impact assessment of judicial approach towards law on imported food articles in India
*Momentum to mediation – Additional thrust by locating mediation clinics in law schools
*Reading principles of tribal customary laws of marriages in private international law: A critical analysis
*Violence through online fake news and need for better legal regulation
*Impact of demonetization on the workers of Moradabad brass industry
*Impact of IPR on Indian agriculture and farmer : An empirical study of Gulbarga district.
*Child victims of sexual offences : An analytical study of socio legal measures
*Policing the police: Police accountability in India
*Protection of traditional knowledge of India within the existing framework of Intellectual Property Rights with special reference to the North Eastern States if India.
*Concept of assigning legal identity to natural elements: Tracking recent trends and its implications
*Seeking possibilities of distinction between negative and positive rights
*From maestro to ayyasamy: The Journey of arbitrability of fraud
*Sustainable development goal and eradication of poverty: Issues amd challenges
*The tale of refugee jigsaw puzzle and its missing link: Persuing the right of compensation for host states under refugee law
*Analysis of the inter state river water disputes (Amendment) Bill 2017
*Competition commission of India v. Coordination committee of artists and technicians of W.B Film and Television, AIR 2017 SC 1449

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.4 Part.2 May 7, 2018

*B. Muthukrishnan v. S.T reddiar Educational & Charitable trust
*CCI v. Fast way transmission
*Elite engg. & construction (Hyd) v. Techtrans
* Goa foundation v. Sesa sterlite
*Jasmeet Kaur v. Navtej Singh
*Mubin Shaikh v. State of Maharashtra
*Swaraj Abhiyan v. Union of India
* Vijay Kumar v. State of Rajasthan

Consumer Protection Reporter
Vol. Part.4 April 25-30, 2018

*State of Gujarat & Ors v. Utility users welfare association and ors
*Fortune infrastructure and Anr v. Trevor Dlima&Ors
*Sidhant Singh Chauhan and anr v. Vatika ltd and Ors
*Ashok Kumar Agrawal v. Unitech Limited
*Bharati Axa General insurance co. ltd v. Sanjay Surekha
*Girish Ahuja v. Panchsheel colonizer ltd
*Jiten Kumar Ajmera and Anr v. Tejas co-operative housing society
*Town improvement trust v. Seema Goyale
*Abdul Rasheed Shaik v. Dr. Vikram Mathews and Ors

Vol.LVIII No.18 May 7, 2018
*Bending  fences
*Verdict unimpeachable
*Obfuscated at stage one
*The glue of contradiction
*Revisionism saves the day
*Provoked by the protégé
*Why fear a Hindu rashtra ?
*No poetry after Auschwitz ?
*Imparting worldclass education and more

May, 2018

*A prelude to a manifesto on heritage
*Reverence for life, heritage and democracy
*Democratic heritage and heritage based democracies
*When the monarch are gone
*Heritage interpretation and empowerment
*Gendered encounters, engendered places
*Messy urbanism: An ecological perspective
*Engaging with the nature
*A peoples museum beyond the wall
*Role of digital technologies in communications

India Today
(Vol.XLIII No.20 May 8-14, 2018)

*Return of Gurukuls
*Lost in translation
*The price of preservation
*Gadkaris Mumbai makeover
*Friends in need
*Where is the money
*Flat broke
*Hardware crunch
*The lotus beater
*Tied up in knot
*For a strong immune system

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