Tuesday, 29 May 2018

New Journals and Magazines with Contents at NLUJAA Library

University News
Vol.56 No.19 May 7-13, 2018
*Necessity and challenges private universities in India
*Research, Innovation and extension: Key parameters for assessment and accreditation of higher education institution
*Cultural sensibility through teacher education programmes
*World of learning has no boundaries
*What do Indian Ivy League institutions possess?
*Sustainable higher education in changing financial trends
*Reorienting education in Independent India
*Challenges and opportunities at Indian Institute of Technologies

Current Tax Reporter
Vol. 302 No.19 11th May, 2018
*Director prasar bharati vs. commissioner of income tax
* Indian express news paper (Bombay) & Anr vs.  Inspecting assistant commissioner
* Sainik food (p) ltd vs. principal chief commissioner of income tax & ors

Services Law Reporter
Vol.289 No.1, 10th May, 2018
* Union of India v.Raghuwar pal singh
* Union of India v. Mohan Lal Gupta
* Yogesh Mahajan v.Director AIIMS
* Netram Sahu v. State of Chattisgarh
* Abdus Shakoor v. state of Punjab
* St. Ann`s english medium v. state of chhatt

Gauhati Law Times
Vol.2 No.1 March, 2018
 * M.K Jokiagri plantation pvt ltd. & ors vs. Commissioner central excise
* Union of India & Ors vs. Nazimuddin Ansari &Anr
* Surajit Gogoi and Puna Gogoi vs. Union of India and Ors
* Virender Dutta Gyani vs. Union of India
* Nireswar Kalita vs. State of Asam and Ors
* Haji Mafur Ali Barbhuya vs Power Grid Corporation of Indai
* Thilixu Village vs. State of Nagaland
* Managing Director of Mecoffed vs. Tikender Singh
* Kohinoor Pulp and paper vs State of Assam
* Rabin Chandra Sarma vs. Centrak Bank of India
* Manjula Begum vs.Rames Kumar Virmani
* Afzal Hussain vs. State of Assam
* Mahesh Kr. Yadav vs. Ahmed Tea Company

Supreme Court Cases
Vol.4 No.3, May 2018
*Arun Maan v. State of U.P
*Ashish Ranjan v. Union of India
*Dashrath v. State of Chandigarh
*Karnataka Live Band Restaurant  v. State of Karnataka
*Kudrat Sindhu v. Union of India
*Municipal council, Bawal v. Babu Laa
*Sampurna Behura v. Union of India
*Satya Veer Sharma v. Supreme Court of India

Vol.191 No. 18
*The FBI on trial
*Will president Trump undo a done deal with Iran
*A migrant caravan reaches the U.S border
*7 questions for former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice

Vol. LVI No.19
*Rationality wins over left sectarianism
*The queen rules the commonwealth
*Tribute: Justice Rajinder Sachar
*Former civil servants` open letter to PM

Vol. LVI No.21
*Karnataka Polls, Kathua case, Putin Returns
*Party congress and after
*The congress of Hope and Unity
*Karl Marxs Scientific discovery
*Tagore for today

Vol. LVI No.21 May,2018
*Creating mass movement to address malnutrition
*Role of health services in nutrition
*Nutritional status in India

Vol.427 No.9091
*Turn your passion into purpose
*The son kingdom
*Make work cant work
*Laughing with diamond and silk
*A brief prosecutorial golden age
*Nuclear fall out

Vol.35 No.10
*Eroding credibility
*Pain: A Marathi story
*Indu Malhotra: Raising the bar
*Interview: R.M Lodha former  CJI

Vol.191 No.19
*DO the primary elections signal a return to normalcy?
*What to know about CIA director nominee Gina Hassel
*What to do with bad man?

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